Install SoftEther VPN Server Manager On Mac

Install wine with homebrew first,

brew install wine

Download SoftEther VPN Server Manager

wine softether-vpnserver_vpnbridge-*-windows-x86_x64-intel.exe

Make a Mac app

mkdir -p

cat > Info.plist << EOF
{ CFBundleExecutable = vpnsmgr; }

cd MacOS
cp $HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/SoftEther\ VPN\ Server\ Manager/* .

cat > vpnsmgr << EOF

/usr/local/bin/wine "${0%/*}/vpnsmgr.exe"

chmod +x vpnsmgr

Now you can run ;D

  • Edward

    how can i get username and password with
    SoftEther VPN Server

  • Guest

    Nice post! Just a suggestion for the script to create Mac app:
    cat > vpnsmgr < vpnsmgr << 'EOF'
    to preserve special characters within shell heredoc line like:
    /usr/local/bin/wine "${0%/*}/vpnsmgr.exe"

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